Our Vision

Research, Education, Protection

What we do – what we believe in

Caring for Conservation gGmbH was founded in April 2018 and promotes the work of NGOs and projects around the globe that have set themselves the task of sustainably, protecting species, and strengthening local communities.

We support conservation NGOs around the world

C4C advises conservation NGOs in countries around the world and supports them financially in the implementation of projects. To ensure a high quality of work and data, C4C maintains close links with researchers, authorities, universities and other experts from the fields of nature conservation and ecology at all times.

In close cooperation with the local communities

Cooperation with the local population also plays a key role in terms of knowledge exchange and transfer. C4C is convinced that successful and sustainable species conservation is based on the pillars of research, education and protection:

  • Research: Application of research methods to identify adverse factors and concrete threats to endangered species, as well as to monitor conservation measures already implemented.
  • Education: Ensuring sustainability by providing training, development and employment opportunities for local people, who in turn become advocates for species conservation themselves.
  • Protection: Implementation of concrete species protection measures, which are worked out on the basis of the research data obtained.

Cross-generational: protection of natural diversity

Founded by Dr Michael Riffel and his son Tom Riffel, C4C has a cross-generational character and thus also focuses on sustainability and stability within its own organisational structures.

Protecting natural diversity is one of the most important tasks of our time. C4C extends a hand to projects that have set this task as their goal.