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Game Tracker App

Wildlife populations are subject to continuous change depending on known and unknown influencing variables. Even in well-protected national parks, population numbers can change due to natural factors. Having a continuous overview of the development of free-living wildlife populations plays a decisive role in the creation of new measures in species conservation, as well as in the efficiency control of already existing measures. Statements on the long-term population development of each wildlife species depending on anthropogenic, natural, or climatic factors are important prerequisites for meaningful and sustainable conservation work.

Scientific research is traditionally associated with high costs and enormous time commitment. Because of this, C4C and the Luambe Conservation Project have chosen the small Luambe National Park in the central part of Zambia’s Luangwa Valley as an example to work out a monitoring scheme in which data on local wildlife numbers are collected by our guides on every game and patrol drive carried out with the help of the specially developed smartphone app. The daily game drives of guests of an ecotourism camp can thus be used to record the local wildlife population “on the side”. In this way, a well-founded, long-term, and cost-effective data collection on the animal populations of individual national parks can be ensured.

Support our research projects

Guests of Luambe Camp are encouraged to assist our professional guides during their game drives and to contribute to data collection. Statistical analyzes of the material obtained provide information about annual and long-term population dynamics as well as distribution areas of individual animal species. This information forms the basis for well-founded species conservation measures in Luambe National Park.

To get in the mood for the wildlife and unique wilderness that Luambe is home to, guests are given the opportunity to view parts of the current sightings listed in the app before they arrive.

At the moment, the app is still in the optimisation phase and, therefore, cannot be found in the public app stores.