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Caring for Conservation

Nature and Species Conservation

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“Preserving biodiversity is one of the most important tasks of our time. With C4C, we are lending a hand to those projects that have set themselves this task as their goal. Our work in favour of sustainable species protection is guided by the motto: research, education and protection”

Dr. Michael Riffel, Founder and Director C4C
Our projects

Our Vision

Caring for Conservation (C4C) advises NGOs around the world whose mission is the sustainable conservation of species and the empowerment of local communities. Additionally, the organisation supports them in the implementation of projects.

C4C believes that successful and sustainable species conservation is based on the triad of research, education  and the protection of natural landscapes.

For the benefit of high quality work and collaborative knowledge exchange, C4C maintains close networks with experts from the fields of nature conservation and ecology and also relies on cooperation with the local population.

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Conservation of species

We protect these species

Intact biodiversity is the basis of life for all of us. In order to maintain functioning ecosystems, the protection of habitats and species is thus essential. Here we introduce you to the species that are being researched and protected within the framework of the projects we support.