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Well construction

The inhabitants of many remote villages in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, including the Chitungulu community north of Luambe National Park, have no safe access to clean water.

The communities in the Luangwa Valley obtain water for drinking, cooking, washing up, irrigation and personal hygiene from rivers, wells, or artificially constructed water holes. But especially in the dry season, water supply becomes a problem, as river levels are often too low, water holes dry up or the way to the next suitable source is too far.

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Women and children often walk long distances in the wilderness to fetch water from rivers or other water points. Not infrequently, these walks are associated with great dangers – not only with regard to contaminated water, but also due to encounters with wild animals. Human-wildlife conflicts are pre-programmed.

To address this problem and support communities, C4C and the Luambe Conservation Project, in collaboration with Zambian company Makolekole Ltd, donated eight hand-pumped wells to Chitungulu.